Success Stories

Tracy Thrower Conyers

Some pretty respected real estate marketing gurus claim these days that agents no longer need websites. I say those "gurus" have lost track of what agents can do with listings data on a website! I get to slice and dice listings data lots of ways to share on social media. I can share a price range in a popular school district one day and investment property opportunities in another neighborhood the next day. As realtors, we are so lucky to have a big database of properties to offer on our websites.

Agent Centrum is the best real estate website company I've found for understanding the how's and why's of manipulating listings data to make me look like a rock star online. And bonus! Some of those tricks have been extra helpful in helping me rank in the search engines, too.

Mark Rucco

This is hands-down the best website solution for any serious real estate professional. Our website was built with some very demanding specifications, and the production team brought everything together flawlessly. We received much more than a "template" website; we received a cutting edge product that takes full advantage of the MLS database and allows us to compete with many of the larger VC-funded real estate sites. All and all, this website provides many important tools to run your business efficiently, profitably and never lose another lead that could be your next client!

The Rucco Group is led by Mark Rucco, a top negotiator with thousands of homes sold in Palm Beach County. This success is achieved through extensive community expertise, innovative marketing strategies, and a diligent staff in place to handle every step of each transaction. Each member of The Rucco Group knows the ins and outs of the communities they serve.

Yvonne DeSena & Team, NV

Our website is the Centrum for our business. As an agent, we are always looking for a program to assist with handling more business, it is the essence of being more productive. Receiving new on-line leads and building a relationship with our open house contacts, just makes good sense and business. Having the ability to connect, respond and react to my buyers input on each house they've chosen, is almost as good and sitting down at the table face to face. My clients enjoy this option, being able to make notes on properties when it's convenient for them. The CRM system is an absolute tool every agent needs to keep track of their clients and where they are in the process. Especially, if you are working with a team. You are able to follow leads and team members throughout the process and pick up where you may need to assist in order to keep the business going.

All and all, this website provides many important tools to run your business efficiently, profitably and never lose another lead that could be your next client!

I spent more in one month of advertising in the local newspaper than it cost me to set up my website. I receive more phone calls than ever before and now that I am using your message to clients function (free of charge), I am getting more hits on my website which helps keep my ranking. You are a genius with setting up a cost efficient but powerful web site and the extra time you spent with me to show me how to create new pages for my site with IDX filters showed me how simple it really is. I can create a new web site page with IDX with a line or two of content in less than 30 seconds.

Bob Scarmazzo
Re/Max Island Properties, FL

You were able to match my needs with a product, regardless of my skill level, while at the same time offering new tools for me to add as my skill level in web building increased. Simply stated, as my skill level increases, the available tools also increase in complexity, allowing me to synergistically impact my web rankings and return on investment.

You guys rock!  
Brent Dillon, FL

As a new customer of about a month I would like to take a moment to indicate my satisfaction with your product and company.  I was with Advanced Access prior to this and my customer experience with your company has been much better.  Your graphics layout and menu functions are also much better and and the IDX engine is stronger as well.  I have had many positive comments on my site already!

Greg Courniotes, FL

Just after the second month I have my first client in contract and several leads. I have also seen my Google rankings also jump to the first page in some filters. This product and the service that is provided is well worth its costs.

Thank you,
Jaime Fernandez, REALTOR®

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how satisfied I am with the results of my IDX project. As you know, I had a very customized need for an IDX solution. You were able to integrate your IDX solution with my existing web site and met all of my specifications. Throughout the process you provided suggestions to enhance my requirements.

The result is that I ended up with a low cost solution beyond my expectations, and I have VERY high expectations!!!

Since adding your Integrated IDX solution to my website, I have received fabulous feedback from those who use my site, and have immediately generated business that I would not have otherwise generated. Additionally, your customer service department has been prompt in responding to any questions that I have had.

Jeffrey J. Katz, FL

Invaluable consultations on a number of topics from the sales team made it possible to scale the site to our needs as they arise. now ranks among the top real estate search sites in the SoCal region, with thousands of organic visitors every day. The technology utilized for our project is unrivaled when compared to the services promoted by the local MLS board. Many of our processes are automated, such as SEO and lead distribution, giving our agents a clear advantage over brokerages with a traditional business model.

The project managers have shown a willingness to experiment and push the envelope on our behalf. Any agent or broker with a unique vision will be blown away by the ways in which this team can create a professional and successful web-presence.

ListingPoint Realty, CA

From the beginning, their attention to detail has always been topnotch. Moreover, the efficiency in which they execute my design requests and programming needs has made my time with them not only very satisfying, but tremendously productive as well.

I have managed to create an astonishingly complex website which is rich in all types of useful data that we pull from the MLS. This data is parsed in such a way that we are able to offer a simple and elegant interface that our clients can use to happily browse the South Florida real estate inventory. This has led to an increase in sales and customer retention and for this I am truly thankful to the IDX team!

Rich Tallman, FL