Real Estate Websites

IDX-Powered Lead Generating and Converting Systems

IDX-powered websites are similar to any other kind of business services website except that your IDX data is running in the background, automatically powering pages of listings content and updating that content on a daily basis.

Our IDX-powered websites are specifically designed to attract and engage website consumers and lead them to forming a relationship with you. We do this by offering lots of what they come to an agent or broker website for -- listings information -- and then offering them multiple avenues for either contacting you directly or registering to get daily new listing alerts with your branding (a highly relevant drip campaign with just the information the visitor signed up for).

Start with one of our design templates or bring your own. Either way, we’ll work with you to choose colors, photos and a content strategy to reflect you, your unique style and your farm area.

Agent/Solo Broker IDX Website Standard Functions:

  • Built-in IDX Property Search (not framed) 
  • Search by Map
  • Distressed Property Search (Short sale, REO, Foreclosures) 
  • Custom Filter Builder for up to 500 Landing Page (upgradable)
  • Agent Listings Page
  • Company Listings Page
  • Sold Listings Portfolio
  • Open House Function
  • Homepage Showcase Properties Slider
  • Variable Lead Capture on selected number of properties viewed
  • CMA, Home Value, Contact and Request More Information Forms
  • Client Testimonials
  • Content Management System with Unlimited HTML Pages and SEO settings
  • Editable Articles for Buyers and Sellers
  • Editable Homepage Slideshow Presentation
  • Social Media Links
  • Site Navigation Manager
  • Password Protected Agent Admin Panel
  • Easy to use CRM (Lead Management System)
  • Follow-up Scheduler
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • And more... please request FREE Consultation with Live IDX Demo
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How much does all this great stuff cost?

Our standard agent/solo broker website package starts with a $450 set-up, and a $50/mo. service subscription, covering hosting for your website and IDX data maintenance. We will configure website for you and enter your personal information, logo, and photo, and will connect with your social media pages. 

Modules can be added to our simple package as you’re ready.

Let’s Get Started!

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