We offer host of online marketing productivity tools to support every conceivable online marketing strategy for real estate. We have a particular passion, talent and skill set for strategies that leverage IDX databases.

Each of the functionalities below draws on our experience as IDX vendors and was specifically designed to stimulate the interest of real estate web consumers, keep them on your site longer and encourage them to return often.

IDX Marketing & Productivity Tools

  • Advanced Lead capture options
  • External sliders for filtered data (use these on your website or other web properties)
  • External listings search boxes
  • Custom data sorting (want your listings specifically sorted by price, age or some other parameter?)
  • Lead Capture Landing Pages
  • SEO Formula Editor for Automated SEO
  • Add-on listings sliders for “similar listings” for listing detail pages
  • Search engine-friendly URL’s for listing pages
  • Sold listings data display
  • Private listings databases
  • Listings hotlist
  • Vendor rolodexes
  • PDF uploads
  • Social media integration
  • WordPress blog integration
  • IDX-powered dynamic sitemaps

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