Custom IDX Data Filtering

Easily Build Interactive Landing Pages

Our Filter Builder Package makes it easy to develop landing pages for your website that give visitors one-click access to the types of properties you specifically want to highlight. Popular data filtering parameters include city, subdivision/tract, property location (such as waterfront or coastal access), special conditions (such as REO, short sale or foreclosure status), price range and other ways to showcase your farm area. Talk to us about your needs and we"ll let you know if your MLS"s IDX database can support your strategy.

Our package also gives you the ability to optimize these filtered listing landing pages for search engines, including the option to add keyword descriptors, customized meta tags, breadcrumb navigation, SEO-friendly page URL"s and RSS feeds for each filtered page.

Search engines love these pages! The data component of your pages will change as often as the IDX database updates. Search engines prefer regularly updated data and will reward you with better search engine rankings than competitors with stagnant data. The other search engine optimization tools we've built into this package only serve to further enhance your credibility with the search engines. This is search engine optimization with a capital "O" and we're offering it in a "set it and forget it" package. Who couldn't use a little "set it and forget it" search engine enhancing for their website??

Interactive IDX Filters:
  • Give visitors One Click access to the type of listings you specify
  • Easily combine your HTML text, photo, video or widgets with active properties
  • Make your website content unique and updated daily
  • Search Engine Optimized packages include Meta Tag Control, Bread Crumb Navigation, SEO-friendly URL's and RSS feed for every filter
  • 10, 100, 500 and 1,000 filter packages available.
  • Need more than 1,000? Ask us about Auto-Created Filters with Automated SEO

How much does all this great stuff cost?

Every one of our IDX-powered websites and IDX Integration packages comes with our proprietary filter builder technology and capacity to build up to 500 filters. It can be upgraded to more filters with categories and customized by adding any specific data fields that are not included with the standard package.

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