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Want a Website to be the "Go To" Agent?

Need more tools for you Real Estate Team?

Want to Attract, Recruit and Retain more Agents?



Our IDX-powered websites are specifically designed to attract and engage website visitors and lead them to forming a relationship with You.



The Team package is great to leverage your member's expertise, to build a  stronger portfolio, to share  and distribute your leads.



Recruit more agents with attractive website. Support your agents by promoting their listings. Retain your agents with more leads and tools.


Responsive Layouts. Attractive Design.

We offer several user-friendly, responsive website layouts to choose from. All our turn-key designs can be tweaked to accommodate a single agent, a team or a company website.

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Boost your Real Estate Business with AgentCentrum

With over 15 years geeking it up in the real estate industry, we've seen almost everything. We've developed a number of plug and play modules. Mixing, matching and customizing our modules will give you the result you desire, without the custom price tag. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you get it done.

Want to be the Go To Agent?

If you want to present yourself as an Expert on a particular community or lifestyle properties, you need a website that supports your business model. Show prospective clients You are the Pro they should Go To!

~ Build branded community pages with filtered listings
~ Showcase desired communities throughout your website
~ Increase your website visibility under priority keywords
~ Capture targeted leads with dynamic landing pages
~ Convert clicks to clients with strong call to action

  • IDX Filter Builder

  • Dynamic Landing Pages

  • Variable Lead Capture

  • Automated SEO

  • CRM, Lead Management

  • Google Tools Integration

Success Stories


Tracy Thrower Conyers
Silicon Beach Properties • KW

Some pretty respected real estate marketing gurus claim these days that agents no longer need websites. I say those "gurus" have lost track of what agents can do with listings data on a website! I get to slice and dice listings data lots of ways to share on social media. I can share a price range in a popular school district one day and investment property opportunities in another neighborhood the next day. Agent Centrum is the best real estate website company I've found for understanding the how's and why's of manipulating listings data..

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IDX-Powered Dynamic Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site and to index your site pages.

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Long Tail Keywords Bring Motivated Buyers

Descriptions of keywords seem to relate to mammal parts—head terms and long tail keywords, for example. A head term refers to keywords that are more popular and more frequently searched. An example would be “real estate in Boca Raton.” However, the first three sites that appear on Google for that head term are, and Popular terms like that are expensive and very competitive.

A long tail keyword is more precise. They tend to target a more specific audience, are less competitive and usually less expensive in an AdWords campaign.

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